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Latex Sport Bag (R) 16oz 9516

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Product Info
Product Name Urocare Latex Leg Bag-Sport Right
Volume,Type of product, Qty, 500ml
Washable re-usable latex leg bag
Specific Product Features Contains Latex
Washable, Re-usable
Many accessories to find the right system
Strong seamless bag
Specific Product Information The Latex Bag Sport is a 500ml bag that is discrete and can be worn under shorts or a skirt, and is designed to be worn on the right leg1.3 litre bag A Washable reusable latex leg bag. Highly robust will last about 6-12months. Wash with Urosol. Comes with three elasticated straps and you can purchase special wide cotton leg straps for this bag. If a new part is required for this bag such as the little red valve (6001) or the O-Ring (6000) they can be purchased separately, If condom drainage is being used the O-ring works really well for straght through flow.  Prior to purchase, please carefully read the Urocare warranty in the terms and conditions section.
Product Code: 9516
Pack Size Qty 1
Availability: In Stock
Standard vinyl bags are not designed for washing and reuse. They do not come with washing instructions from the manufacturer. The Urocare Latex Leg Bags are a washable bag designed for Re-Use and come with washing instruction. The Top connector and anti-reflux device can be removed and the bag can be easily wahsed and clean. The latex bas are seamless and very stron and robust, they do not break. The latex bags come in a variety of dhapes and sizes including a version that you can wear under shorts or a skirt. In the USA these bags are used with both Sheaths and Foley Catheters systems. PLEASE NOTE this bag is made of Latex and should not be used by anyone with a latex allergy