SupraPubic Catheters

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Product Info

The SupraPlus is a SupraPubic specific catheter for a user with a SupraPubic Catheter. SupraPlus is an open ended catheter with 2 eyelets. Is has a shortened tip to try and minimise bladder irritation. Most urinary catheters have a tip for insertion and for guiding through the Urethra that make the tip end quite long. This may be an issue for SupraPubic use.

Please Note

Your Health Professional will assess you to determine the best SupraPubic Catheter for you. There are different sizes of pessaries and your health professional is repsonsible for determining this and for changing your SupraPubic Catheter. If you have been asked to purchase the pessary by your health professional, Medical Store requires name of your Health Professional who is prescribing this product and overseeing your care.

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