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Strobus -Swing Tap 50cm inlet 750ml Leg Bags - Sterile SB750.50s

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Product Info
Product Name Strobus Leg Bag (Single Bag - STRAPS NOT INCLUDED)
Size and Volume
24 cm long by 18cm wide tapers to 16cm wide at bottom of bag, 750ml
Other Information Wide top leg strap, sterile with anti-reflux device, 50cm inlet tube, easy open swing tap outlet,
LEG STRAPS (LS20 & LS40) sold with a box of 10 bags, not with an indivisual bag, 7 day use
Double seamed 100% factory tested and and inspected.
  • patient information leaflet to be updated
Product Code: SB750.50s
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Sterile Bags are designed for use with Indwelling Catheters that need a sterile system such as Foley (or Urethral) catheters and Supra-Pubic Catheters. There are different shaped bags for specifc situation and also different volume capacities based on your requirements. The Manfred Sauer Discrete bag have a volume of up to 500mls and can be worn under shorts or a skirt. The Manfred Sauer Bendi Bag contours the leg of someone in a seated positon such as a wheelchair user. The Bendi Bag can be strapped on above the knee so it does not slip down the leg as it fills. The Bendi Bag comes in a 1.3 litre contoured shape to maximise wear time between having to empty the bag.The Bendi bags are double seamed to increase durability and also comes a 700ml version