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Bendi Bag 1.3L Sterile 12cm Tube Sliding Tap 701.2212s

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Product Info
Product Name Sauer Bendi Bag
size and volume 44 cm long by 16.5cm wide tapers to 11cm wide at bottom of bag, 1300ml
Other Information Straps above knee, sterile with anti-reflux device, 12cm inlet tube that cannot be shortened, sliding tap outlet, LEG STRAPS (57.44 & 57.49) SOLD SEPARATELY, 7 day use
Product Code: 701.2212s
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Sterile Bags are designed for use with Indwelling Catheters that need a sterile system such as Foley (or Urethral) catheters and Supra-Pubic Catheters. There are different shaped bags for specifc situation and also different volume capacities based on your requirements. The Manfred Sauer Discrete bag have a volume of up to 500mls and can be worn under shorts or a skirt. The Manfred Sauer Bendi Bag contours the leg of someone in a seated positon such as a wheelchair user. The Bendi Bag can be strapped on above the knee so it does not slip down the leg as it fills. The Bendi Bag comes in a 1.3 litre contoured shape to maximise wear time between having to empty the bag.The Bendi bags are double seamed to increase durability and also comes a 700ml version