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IS Cath Female Compact 14Fr FC14Fr

RRP $14.55

Product Info
Product Name IS Cath Female Pre-Lubricated Compact
Size, Length, Qty, 14 Fr (French)
14cm long
Box of 5
Specific Product Features Sterile-Single use

Discrete Packaging-ideal for travel or carrying with you


Straight Tip

smooth surface

2 polished eyelets

DEHP and BPA Free

Sizes 08-18Fr
Specific Product Information The IS Cath Female Pre-Lubricated Compact is a pre lubricated catheter, ideal for travelling or carrying with you out of the home The IS Cath Female Cpmpact has discrete packaging. Just twist open and the Catheter Lubricates as it is removed, no drips, no fuss.The IS Cath female Compact has been designed for community use and is DEHP and BPA Free.
Product Code: FC14Fr
Pack Size Qty 5
Availability: In Stock

This IS Cath range of female catheters come as a non -lubricated catheter and a Gel prelubricated compact catheter. Both types have smooth polished eyelets to ensure a smooth insertion. The IS Cath range is DEHP and BPA free,